Inflatable SUP Boards

Browse our inflatable paddle boards & Onewheel electric skateboards, select a delivery date & we'll have it delivered directly to your doorstep or destination. The board itself has elastic bungee cords for storing your gear and there is a carrying handle at the center for carrying the iSUP across the shore. Although some of the race iSUP boards are up there with glass fiber race boards in the speed stakes, they do suffer when it comes to racing in swell or off the beach, due to the boards flexing slightly.

Check out some of our other SUP inflatable reviews to compare inflatable SUP yoga boards , inflatable SUP for surf boards (more category reviews on the way). Spécialist of professional inflatable rafting and canoes boats since 1987, AQUADESIGN has created some inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board of the highest construction quality meant to offer you a performing and durable product.

You can check them onto an airplane generally with no extra fees as they don't weigh very much, often less than 14kg bagged with pump. Racing or surfing on bigger waves is more effective with hard boards. They have developed an inflatable board that can hold its own against traditional hardboards.

While traditional hard surf boards are carefully shaped to catch the waves as easily as possible, the inflatable nature of iSUPs means that the thickness is the same the whole way down the board. Inflatable stand up paddleboards (ISUP) come in many shapes and sizes.

As a result of the cutting-edge designs in the latest boards, the popularity of paddle boarding is soaring. Transporting is a cinch with removable fin, coiled leash, gauge and high pressure pump, adjustable paddle and a durable pack for all. The blunt nose shape keeps the board steady and when fully inflated it offers a good hard surface to practice on. Conveniently, there is also somewhere to store your paddle while you're in warrior pose.

Traditional paddle boards don't offer this ease of use and storage and typically require investment in a special rack for your car or truck. All things considered, it should take around one to three minutes to fully inflate a stand up paddle board. We have three types of inflatable paddle boards: all-round, touring and yoga.

Ultimate performance regarding speed and agility or for tricks while surfing. Deflating a stand up paddle board is very quick and easy. The above budget inflatable paddleboards have proven to be great, giving riders a fantastic experience. This board put Fatstick on the map and gained our reputation for a quality brand selling affordable paddle boards.

Very stable - For the most part I would say that inflatable inflatable stand up paddle board SUP's are more stable than a hard-shell board. Non-inflatable paddle boards come in various constructions, with most of them falling into three broad categories, plastic, epoxy, and carbon, each with its own pro's and con's.

Different boards may have different requirements, and it's a god idea to test the limits to find out what you're comfortable with. And when it came to the end of my paddle, it was easy to deflate and roll up the board and pack it back into the bag in minutes.

Inflatable paddle boards are lighter than hard SUP boards, and will be at the lighter end of this range. Standard: This is a regular cord leash similar to surf board leashes. Today for example 98% of SUP boards, in Germany are inflatables. I'd say so. Not only are they great for beginners, Inflatable Paddle Boards are built to be just as durable as hard boards, are generally much less expensive, can be deflated for super easy transport, and can be stored practically anywhere.

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